What we are looking for

Wordslingr Magazine publishes articles for people who want to learn how to write better, learn about the software tools available to writers, and learn about the process other writers use to approach their own work. We are interested in the craft of writing, the nitty gritty details that make the difference between poor and polished, stale and salable.

We love the process of writing. We want articles on how you get started, how you get organized, how you find time, how you stay motivated, how you edit, how you revise, what tools you use at each step, and anything else in that vein.

We publish pieces about writing all types of work. From novels, scripts, and memoirs, to technical documents, poems, and advertising copy. If you write it, we want to know how you do it.

Also, since Wordslingr Magazine is part of the Wordslingr writing software, we publish tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your usage of Wordslingr.


Wordslingr Magazine is the magazine for Wordslingr writing software. As such, we encourage the use of the Wordslingr software when writing your piece. If we choose to publish your piece, we will pay $.02 per word. In addition, you will receive 4 months free use of the Wordslingr software. We also publish a short biography of each author as well as links back to their website or other social media site. A great way to help build a reputation and gain followers.

How to submit

Of course we encourage you to submit using Wordslingr itself. If your article is written using Wordslingr writing software, open your project, go to File > Share > Create a New Share. And share a snapshot with “

If, instead, you are using an old-style word processor, you can email your submission to

We accept most formats, but prefer DOC, DOCX, or RTF.

In the message body specify which of the following categories your submission falls in:

  • Feature Article
  • Interview with an Author
  • Wordslingr Tips and Techniques