5 Surprisingly Simple Ways To Subvert Stereotypes In Stories

writerswrite.co.za writes:

Haven’t I Read That Somewhere Before?

Recently I started working on an outline for a story about a detective. He is young, idealistic, ambitious. He is partnered with a new copy — who is older, cynical, resigned. I know what you’re thinking. ‘Isn’t that like every typical cop story?’ You wouldn’t be wrong.

It’s very easy to go with a stereotypical storyline or character — it’s easier and it feels familiar. But it’s probably what will see your novel in the slush pile. Complacency is deadly. Another writer asked me to read a scene she wrote. I had to point out it was the typical cruel father, abused son scenario. ‘How do I change it?’ she asked. ‘Try harder,’ I said.

I guess it’s time I took my own advice.

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